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Brooks Mill Winery in Franklin County is a fruit winery with delicious blackberry-based wines.  The predominant flower source for this unusual honey is a variety of blackberry types. Blueberries, fruit trees, clover and wildflowers round out the flower sources for this delicious honey.  A beautiful light golden honey with a lightly floral taste, and a bit of a spicy note at the finish. Won't overpower the taste of your tea. Excellent in desserts or drizzled on ice cream. Offered in 16 oz. unbreakable, squeezable bottles. See also our 8 oz. size.

Brooks Mill Winery Beeyard 16 oz.

  • All Natural, pure, local, raw honey.  Never heat pasteurized. Strained with a 200 micron strainer to remove impurities, with all the pollen and goodness left intact. Brought to you as the bees intended.


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