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From our Atsion Lake, NJ bee yard. Buckwheat flowers are the primary nectar source, mixed with all the wildflowers the New Jersey Pinelands has to offer. This is a dark, thick, very bold honey. Great relief for sore throats and colds, and excellent as a cooking honey. Superb as a glaze on salmon or grill meats. Also great as a glaze for veggies, especially carrots and broccoli. A great addition to Mexican food with or without heat. Also excellent with Oriental stir-fry. Bee creative! Offered in 8 oz. unbreakable, squeezable bottles. See also our 16 oz. size.

Buckwheat Honey 8 oz.

  • A bold, all natural, local, raw honey made from buckwheat flowers grown in the Atsion Lake, NJ area. Never heat pasteurized. Strained with a 200 micron strainer to remove impurities, with all the pollen and goodness left intact. Brought to you as the bees intended.


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