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An early summer honey from our bee yard on Airport Road in Moneta, VA.  It doesn't get any more local than that! Abundant Tulip Poplars and Autumn Olive shrubs provide the bulk of nectars for this floral honey, with some Black Locust and American Holly trees as well. Clover and wildflowers round out the flower sources for this delicious honey.  A gorgeous light golden honey with a delicate floral taste. Won't overpower the taste of your tea. Excellent in desserts or drizzled on ice cream. Offered in 16 oz. unbreakable, squeezable bottles. See also our 8 oz. size.

Smith Mountain Lake 16 oz.

  • All Natural, pure, local, raw honey.  Never heat pasteurized. Strained with a 200 micron strainer to remove impurities, with all the pollen and goodness left intact. Brought to you as the bees intended.


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